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At Nitin Infotech we provide solutions for all types of digital problems like : -

  • Software Related

If you have a software and are not able to use it for one reason, or other may be we can help you do so effectively.

  • Operating System

In case you have an operational problem of a system such as window-file obstruction, that is where, we can help you.

  • Internet Related

(a) Sometimes others use your PC without your knowledge from a distance, we can provide solution for this.

(b)In case you are looking for certain type of software or service on the internet, but are unable to do so, we can help you.

  • Hardware Related

In case you have a hardware related problem like CPU making any kind of sound, may be, you can contact us for its removal.

  • Virus Problems

If you think, your PC has been injected with certain virus, we can remove this. If your hard-drive is blocked or any other problem due to virus, all such problems can be, effectively, solved by us.

  • Repair / Maintenance

In case of necessity of repair or any other type of maintenance problem. You can immediately contact us or chat with us.